How to set up your account

Welcome to Simple Fundraising!

We’re here to make raising money for your school, charity, or team, SIMPLE.

Simple Fundraising was created by a team of coaches and parents who have worked with students and athletes for nearly 40 years. We know raising money for your organization has probably been time consuming and full of hassle in the past. Enter Simple Fundraising.

How it Works

We’ve created an online store with high-quality, customizable products for you to sell to your family and friends. It’s as easy as sharing the store’s link via social media, text, or e-mail with your family and friends. Your team will earn money for each sale, and we handle orders and shipping. No inventory or payment management required!

Start selling.

Head over to the Sell tab on the left side of your dashboard. Click “Share My Entire Store” and let the fun begin! You can share the store’s link by e-mailing your friends and family, posting it to your social media accounts, there’s even an option to print out a QR code if you’re doing some in-person sales.

Your sales totals and points (for prizes) will be tracked in your dashboard.


Earn prizes!

This feature coming soon!

1 Item Sold = 1 Point
25 points = 1 fundraising item from your store
50 points = $50 Amazon gift card
100 points = $100 Amazon gift card
150 points = Apple Airpods

It's that simple!

As your sales get underway, reach out to your coach or team leader if you have questions. Thank you!

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